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  1. The addiction thing is also in my opinion completely arbitrary. For example, pretty much anything can be addictive. This has been shown in many studies. Also, people never ever say things like “Oh, I am addicted to water.” or food, or medicine for that matter. In my world, food is medicine and medicine is food, they are basically the same thing. I consume them all the time for well being and health. The addiction of cannabis is wrapped in paradox because it’s just as addictive as it isn’t, and it’s use leads to positive effects on the body and mind- it’s just the warped perspective of the masses that wants to lump it into the addictive category out of ignorance.

    And I don’t mean to be annoying or nag, but it’s “little to no” not none. And when speaking plurally, is becomes are, therefore “there are no withdrawal…”

    If anything the user will experience a lack of dopamine which will reset after a couple good nights sleep and a proper diet. Looking forward to more comics!

  2. Thanx for the input. I appreciate reading these. As I’ve mentioned before, these comics were done some time ago and so I still have some re-editing to do but i’m glad your catching them.

    Now when I mention “little to no strong chemicals” im referring to chemicals that are addictive like nicotine. THC doesn’t harbour that. As for herb being a “gateway” is the most ridiculous thing for the first thing most children will come into contact with in our life is Coffee, Beer, and Cigarettes, but they don’t get the bad wrap because we’re “told” its not. People forget that “everything” we intake is a drug. The moment were born and breathing in that air we’re taking in a drug. There are things out there that can be extremely addictive but then there are people who like to abuse.

    To me, a withdrawl involves a collapse of your mental or physical state. When it’s on your mind all the time, and you sweat and start to snap a little at little things. Thats when a drug has left an impression on you. You don’t find that with herb. Its debatable wether its the person or the drug that has the bad effect but Its very true that a couple days of not smoking pot and your system is back on track.

    Love the talk!
    Peace, Love and Pot

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