Quick Tokes 003

October 29, 2016

Good News. It’s my last term in school and I’ll be graduating with honors and just as exciting, Smokey and Da Bongo will be featured in an upcoming NW Stoner Magazine. Really awesome stuff!

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Smokey and Da Bongo

June 19, 2015

Click Image To Enlarge…111-Reaching New HighsHey… Anybody still around? Heh, Well, I’m proud to present a new comic after one year of absence! Today’s comic is brought to you by a recent increase in interest over at the Facebook site. We have surpassed 420 likes! I’m not sure where this flow of beautiful people and their support is coming from but I was so grateful that I felt I needed to break from my silence and reward the fine people with a comic! Now it has been a year since I designed a Pot Heads Comic so I might have been a bit rusty when doing this. I apologize. I hope it’s still to your liking. Now this does not mean Pot Heads Comic will be seeing a flow of new content unfortunately. I will be attending full-time school in a couple of weeks and all my focus will be on that. If I find the time and am inspired I will do what I can to give you another comic. So, Thank You for the support and I hope to see you around!

Peace, Love & Pot

A.Cidade 😀

Smokey and Da Bongo

December 11, 2013

So I’m back in town. This was actually supposed to be a comic before I left the country. It would’ve made more sense than. Glad to have my mind focused on these characters again and hope to surpass 100 comics. It’ll be a delight and a testament to the strength of these characters. If I do get to that magic number I will be looking into getting them out there in some other form. Maybe phone app, maybe Published if it gets enough attention. I love these guys and I love you guys for passing by. Thank You..

Peace, Pot, and Love.

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081-Gone For The Holidays