Cannabis Facts

Cannabis Facts

089-We're Born High

A note to those who are taken back by the bold titles of the cannabis facts. The initial title is meant to be a play an old fashioned propganda that stated random phrases like “One marijuana cigarette is equal to ten tobacco cigarettes” as if it were fact. It may have not been necesarily true but it got peoples imediate attention. So with every Cannabis Fact I will use a bold sounding title to grab a persons attention with the hope that they read on to the bottom where I fill in with actual studies or facts I can find.


To be continued?

Hey everyone, I’ve caught up with adding all my entries of Pot Heads comics that I moved over from their old site and put up an unfinished comic I had sitting around for the 75th.  I’m not sure if anyone has been keeping up, or invested any interest in these Pot Head characters. I’ve been grateful for those who have followed, liked, commented, and just the random passer-bys for its those quick moments of gratitude that have kept me motivated.

 Unfortunately I’m at a bit of a creative stand still and have not done anything to continue this series. I enjoyed creating these characters and watching them evolve into their own entities. I also feel the content is important as well, as there Isn’t much out there about these scenarios of pot or the right education going into the topic.

I was wondering if there is anyone out there that would like to see me continue?



Merry-Juana Christmas

Smokey and Da Bongo

Happy Holidays!!!