Smokey and Da Bongo

Smokey and Da Bongo Lives!

Happy to announce a partnership with the development team Vesta Soft! The kind folks there were gracious enough to revive my Smokey and Da Bongo Comics and now currently have a home in their game app “Kush Tycoon: Weed Empire

The majority of comics will be redesigns of old out dated comics along with a slew of new ones! A few months after the comics release I will be allowed to post them up here for you viewing pleasure! But if you can’t wait you can always download the app!

If all goes well and Potheads Smokey and Da Bongo get a good reception I may have a chance to stay in partnership a little longer and maybe even see a longer and bigger life for my characters!

WeedTycoon Smokey and Da Bongo.png

You can now find ‘Smokey and Da Bongo‘ appearing in “Kush Tycoon: Weed Empire” Check it out!


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