Smokey and Da Bongo

Smokey and Da Bongo

Click Image To Enlarge…111-Reaching New HighsHey… Anybody still around? Heh, Well, I’m proud to present a new comic after one year of absence! Today’s comic is brought to you by a recent increase in interest over at the Facebook site. We have surpassed 420 likes! I’m not sure where this flow of beautiful people and their support is coming from but I was so grateful that I felt I needed to break from my silence and reward the fine people with a comic! Now it has been a year since I designed a Pot Heads Comic so I might have been a bit rusty when doing this. I apologize. I hope it’s still to your liking. Now this does not mean Pot Heads Comic will be seeing a flow of new content unfortunately. I will be attending full-time school in a couple of weeks and all my focus will be on that. If I find the time and am inspired I will do what I can to give you another comic. So, Thank You for the support and I hope to see you around!

Peace, Love & Pot

A.Cidade 😀


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